Thursday, December 10, 2015

Building a life!!

I wrestle daily with the vexatious questions of life and career. I think I might not be alone in my concern. 
 What are my values? What are my priorities? What means the most to me?
Achievement without the right values can be self-destructive. With the right values, it can be deeply satisfying and ultimately fulfilling.
It’s also impossible to build a successful life and career without good people around you, people to inspire you, spark you, encourage you, and sometimes question you and correct you.

 Who counts as good people?

There is a belief in our society that people should work hard for their entire lives, sacrifice themselves in order to earn a living, and then, when they have stored up enough money, they can live the life they want.
This belief is the cause for much of our unhappiness, dissatisfaction, and pain.

A gentleman (My Dad) whose life I have had the opportunity to observe closely is a good source of inspiration. He is the one I can talk umpteen hours to and that'd still be less, from being my severest critic to one heck of an amazing person.
Last night conversation with my dad really enlightened my attitude towards life.
In this blog I wanted to share my daddy's advice on my depleted, depressed and demoralized attitude.

We chatted at length and then finally he told me that whenever we get to see people who have more or better than what we have, we should immediately look at those people too who have less or worse than what we have. Because your situation is better than those of many other people.

The one who is healthy looks at the one who is sick and thanks God for his health. The sick one looks to the one who is even sicker and thanks God for his lesser illness.This therefore, is a great principle.

Every time I see him I learn a new nuance from his life reflecting a journey that is composed and measured in all respects. He is as comfortable with a crowd as he is with solitude.

In a world where people change their buzzword constantly owing to changing trends, it is not too difficult to diagnose what hinders them the most in their progress.

 Focus on what is important to you.What will make you happier, more productive, and more creative? What will benefit everyone involved in your personal and business life? Your career should be built on the lifestyle you want — not the other way around. It is good to achieve, it is also good to despair at our failures cuz the lessons propel us to greater heights but it is crime not to find ways to be happy.

Play a note, sing a song, have a dance competition with your mirror, write a story and smile.
Life is Easy!!

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